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Why Quality Matters Now More Than Ever for Staffing and Recruiting Firms

Why Quality Matters Now More Than Ever for Staffing and Recruiting Firms

Finding and keeping talent is trickier than ever. And new technologies, networks, and data sources have expanded options for sourcing talent more successfully. This is all good news for the staffing and recruiting industry, which is experiencing unprecedented growth.

While opportunity is knocking, it’s also bringing fierce competition right to your doorstep.

Responsive firms are bringing more to the table. They’re looking at ways to add science to the art of sales and recruiting, by investing in new recruiting and sourcing technologies, pre-hire assessment tools, and analytics to deliver the kinds of results their clients expect.

So how can you balance a focus on quality with the need for efficiency and speed?

Companies who are using new technologies to understand behavioral competencies are making better, more informed hiring decisions.

This information helps you understand skills like professionalism, problem solving and adaptability, empathy and commitment, an ability to manage or lead others – the behaviors and competencies that determine how well a person will perform, how long she will stay, and what kind of impact he’ll have on an organization.

It’s valuable insight that helps you find the high-value candidates that will set your organization apart. And data you receive from WFQ Inc can help you deliver better services to your clients:

  • By automating reference checking, you can increase the number and quality of the references you receive and get the information you need – often in less than 2 business days
  • Reference feedback reports are a rich resource for creating tools and services that hiring managers can use to interview, evaluate, onboard, and engage new talent
  • References, who provide contact information that is captured in your database, will become a part of your ongoing talent pool, helping you build the kind of talent pipelines that keep clients coming back
  • In a recruiting environment where talent analytics are quickly gaining traction, tools that can yield more valuable, predictive insights improve your reputation for excellence

By turning reference checking into a strategic asset, you can help your clients more the needle on quality – and realize better outcomes. In the staffing and recruiting industry, that’s really the bottom line.