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    Quality Engineers

    Our Quality engineers are continually training to the latest industry standards with some being Six Sigma Certified. They are proficient in SPC, APQP, PPAP, Process Flow FMEA, Control Plans, Gage R&R, Capability analysis.

    How Healthy is your Production?

    • Are you too busy to fix recurring defects, or find the cause?

    • Is the plant manager demanding a higher run rate?

    • Always reacting to issues instead of preventing them?

    • Is there a backlog of paperwork that you don’t have the confidence to complete?

    We see how quickly Operations and Quality Managers become absorbed with quality concerns and the dissatisfaction they have when they are continually putting out fires which consumes their time for proactive and preventative measures – removing time from themselves and their families.

    Does this sound like your workload? 

    If you’ve been working tirelessly then it is time to change. We support your endeavours, through quality engineering consultants, to become proactive operational or quality leaders and take away the time constraints with solutions that help you plan successful production and address quality concerns before they become problems or scrap.

    Remove the roadblocks and start reducing waste and cost by utilizing WFQ Inc Quality Advisors to guide you to better quality processes and systems.

    We provide specialist quality engineering and supplier quality assurance services through our teams in Canada, US, Mexico.  Our experienced advisors, quality engineers and inspectors have been in the manufacturing trenches and understand the requirements that drive improvement.  We work alongside you and your team on the shop floor to get the results you want with the clarity your business needs.