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    Containment and Inspection

    Our Inspection Team is comprised of WFQ Inc. associates  that are continually trained to the latest standards and understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a secure quality gate. Our Team is always led by an on-site working Supervisor that interfaces with the end user, coordinates the project scope plus collects data and reports it via our proprietary web based reporting system. We also have direct experience in executing “Yard Holds” at the OEM and their off-site locations.
    We offer a transparent objective – to resolve your crisis and facilitate your team with the knowledge to manage and prevent the next threat.

    Starting with a new supplier or having repeated quality issues? It is time to talk to WFQ Inc.  We ensure that products from raw material to finished goods meet quality and safety standards.

    Resolution For Containment Operations

    Inspection And Quality Engineering Support When Your Current Quality Control Is No Longer Sufficient
    Third-Party Sorting & Corrective Action Implementation