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What Will a Recruiting Company do for Potential Employees?

What Will a Recruiting Company do for Potential Employees?

Many businesses find their HR departments are overworked and with limited time to properly onboard and train their candidates. A recruiting company (which can also be called a staffing or employment agency) can help businesses find qualified workers and help with the onboarding process.

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But what does a recruiting company do for all potential candidates? And how can that benefit both the business and employee?

Every recruiting company has a slightly different approach, but here at WFQ Inc., we have a process to ensure every candidate is qualified, reliable, confident and to start work. Here is what we do for every candidate:

Screen Candidates for Qualifications

Every candidate must apply and interview with a recruiter. The recruiter will ensure that candidate is the right fit for the role including screening for skills, experience, education and work-ethic.

Conduct National Background Checks and Drug Tests

Every candidate must pass a national background check and drug test in order to be hired. This eliminates the cost and hassle for businesses to have to conduct the tests themselves.

Hold Orientation and Training Sessions Tailored to Each Customer

Every business has different needs for their new hires, so we tailor our training specifically to the policies and regulations of the individual customer. Training sessions are created to optimize efficiency and maximize safety, so WFQ Inc. placements are trained in proper techniques of their job function, regardless of experience.

WFQ Inc. also provides math and logic testing, plus any specialized testing needed for specific functions. Some examples of this are reading multimeters, calipers, and gages identifying product deficiencies, and conflict resolution tests.

Provide Continued Support for Employees

Our recruiters put the effort in to build communication and relationships with our candidates, and that doesn’t stop once they start work. Our recruiters are there as a resource to the employees if they need anything – whether they have questions or need help with resolving an issue.

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