Staffing Capabilities

General Labor

Manufacturing line workers

Hotel housekeeping personnel

Catering event staff

Landscaping workers

Packaging personnel

Warehouse personnel


Skilled Trades

Machine operators

Tool and Die

CNC Operators

CMM Operators

Maintenance Techs




Word Processing

Data Entry

Record keeping


Manufacturing Management

Quality Engineering

Production Management

Materials Management

Production Line Supervisors

Process Engineers


Office Management

Sales personnel

What We Do

The core business that WFQ Inc. was founded upon is skilled trade and general labor staffing. Since its inception WFQ Inc. has provided quality employees for customers in every industry including manufacturing facilities, food production plants, catering events, restoration projects and more We are experienced in high-volume general labor accounts to specific trade positions, WFQ Inc. Screens all employees for qualifications, conducts national background checks and drug test for every employee we place by running extensive orientations and training sessions, WFQ Inc. Provides reliable labor at an affordable cost.

Our Staff

With an entire division of recruiters, account managers and site managers, WFQ Inc. works around the clock to provide essential staffing and resources that are devoted to our customer base filling our orders while producing employees that will exceed our expectation.


We offer various creative options for temporary placements, temp to hire, contract and direct hire positions

Orientation and Training

WFQ Inc’s orientation sessions are specifically tailored to the policies and regulations of our individual customers utilizing video, print literature and our employee handbook. WFQ Inc. provides training sessions tailored to optimize efficiency and maximize safety, specifically in the skilled trade labor that may prove hazardous without proper instruction. AWFQ Inc. placements are trained in proper techniques of their job function regardless of experience. Aside from math and logic testing, WFQ Inc. also provides specialized testing on specific functions such as reading multimeters, calipers, and gages identifying product deficiencies, and conflict resolution questions tests to insure we are providing a qualified and reliable employee to customers.

Talk to Us

WFQ Inc. is fully equipped to handle any skilled or general labor needs with little or no lead time. Please contact us today and lets talk about your employment needs.

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