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    Rework Solutions

    At WFQ Inc we understand the headaches, effectiveness and most importantly the cost levied on our customers when non-conforming parts reach a customer. Therefore, WFQ Inc. provides a highly trained staff of individuals with extensive Quality Control experience to prevent the shipment of suspect and non-conforming product to secondary customers on every level of the supply chain. WFQ Inc. is your last line of defense in maintaining quality production.

    WFQ Inc. strives to provide our customers with multiple solutions and cost saving measures to limit the impact of containment. Our team is skilled in determining whether rework is possible. This provides our customers with the opportunity to rework non-conforming parts to reduce or eliminate the cost generated by scrap, ensuring that the rework conducted meets TS Global Specification through secondary inspections.

    WFQ Inc. also specializes in, and emphasizes the collection and submission of extensive data through our proprietary web based data collection software which is integral in root cause analysis for problem solving, quality, machining and programing issues in an effort to establish a clean point and end containment as expediently as possible.